Our Company


In 1987 Art & Press Advertising NV started as a creative office for developement of advertising and packaging. Later on the firm was specialised in technical support and creations for displays and the developement of shop in shop material.

In 1999 Art and Press Advertising NV was devised in a second company Art and Press Dimensions bvba and started out as a stand and- display building company. The small family business got of to a good start and quickly needed more space.

In 2002 we moved to our new workshop and offices in Ruiselede. As a standbuilder we experienced at first hand that set-up and dismantling times were getting shorter and deadlines were harder to meet. It was in that perspective that Donald Alliet played with the idea to manufacture a high quality and modular flooring system, that allready was created a few years back. The idea was given shape in the form of the A&P Flooring System. In 1999 the A&P Flooring System and it's unique slide in system was patented. Meanwhile the system is exported to most Europeen Countries and other countries abroad.

The Product

As you will notice, with the A&P Flooring System you won't waste time screwing and drilling holes to fix your showfloor. Thanks to the sliding-in connections, the A&P Flooring System is mounted in no time.

The A&P Flooring System is adjustable in height for levelling, even when the panels are mounted.

The system is re-usable and has a high loading capacity. The standard construction has a weightcharge of 750 kg/m2. With a diagonal beam the weightcharge can be raised up to 1500 kg/m2. Even higher loads can be put onto the structure if the extra support feet are mounted. Up to +3500 kg/m2.